Alexey Tikhonov
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In 2012 legis­lat­ors of St.Petersburg came up with “ahead of the times” his­tor­ical input — anti-gay legis­la­tion, ban­ning any read­ing, writ­ing, speech or debate on any­thing “gay”. The law’s con­tent is vague – it crim­in­al­izes “pub­lic action aimed at pro­pa­gand­iz­ing sod­omy, les­bi­an­ism, bisexu­al­ism, and trans­gen­der­ism among minors”.

Alexey Tikhonov

Inhab­ited Uni­verse People tend to illu­min­ate the places they live in, be it houses or streets or cit­ies. And the more light there is around, the closer is dark­ness and mys­tery outside.

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