Olga Kravets

Thou­sands of eth­nic Rus­si­ans con­vert to Islam annu­ally, accord­ing to the mem­bers of the Mufti Coun­cil of Rus­sia. Con­cerned with the idea of pro­tec­tion of the Rus­sian (mean­ing – Ortho­dox) iden­tity, the gov­ern­ment launched a sys­tem of per­se­cu­tion of the con­verts, brand­ing them as ter­ror­ists. Many of them flee, but the Rus­sian secret ser­vices try to hunt them down even abroad, and for­eign coun­tries treat them with suspicion.

Olga Kravets
ViktorÕs fishing hut and his boat

Due to its extreme north­erly loc­a­tion Mur­mansk exper­i­ences an annual 40-day long polar night from 3 Decem­ber to 11 Janu­ary. Dur­ing this period, when the sun remains con­stantly below the hori­zon, a semi-twilight occurs each day for only a few hours around noon. For the rest of the time, the city is wrapped up in darkness.

Olga Kravets
A Syrian Journal

A sol­dier was proudly accom­pa­ny­ing me, the holder of the “friendly” Rus­sian press-card in the Dam­as­cus sub­urb of Sayy­idah Zaynab that hosts one of the most import­ant Shia shrines. He told me over lunch he was very happy about Rus­sia becom­ing “a great, mighty coun­try again”.

Olga Kravets

Driv­ing up to the Bar­ents sea­shore feels like head­ing to the middle of nowhere. Iron­ic­ally, in winter the drive is much smoother and twice faster — flattened snow com­pensates 40 km of unpaved road.

Olga Kravets
Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechnya

The pho­to­grapher Olga Kravets star­ted work­ing in Chechnya in 2009 with a col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject explor­ing the after­math of war in its cap­ital. In 2013 she decided to go bey­ond the city bound­ar­ies and show the whole repub­lic under the ubi­quit­ous power of its author­it­arian leader

Olga Kravets
Occupy Abay

It was a very strange day in Moscow, May 6 2012. I came to pho­to­graph the oppos­i­tion “rally of mil­lions” in down­town Moscow. It was hap­pen­ing just a day before Putin’s come back to power and nobody really expec­ted any police violence.

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