Olga Kravets — Moscow, Paris

Olga Kravets is a doc­u­ment­ary pho­to­grapher and film­maker. She holds an MA from the Uni­ver­sity of the Arts in Lon­don. She was a Prix Bayeux-Calvados for War Cor­res­pond­ents win­ner in 2014 in web journ­al­ism cat­egory, Mag­num Emer­gency Found­a­tion grant recip­i­ent in 2013 and a win­ner of the PDN Photo Annual in 2012. Her work has been pub­lished world­wide in pub­lic­a­tions: El Pais, Fin­an­cial Times, Le Monde, Internazionale, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times and Vice among oth­ers. She has worked on a num­ber of doc­u­ment­ar­ies in vari­ous capacities.


Canon 5D MkII
Canon 17–40/4
Canon 28–300/3.5–5.6
2x Sen­nhe­iser EW 112-P G3-GB
Port­able Sys­tem with Bodypack Trans­mit­ter and Diversity
Cam­era Receiver / ME 2 Omni Clip-On Mic
Rode Video Mic Zoom H4N


Kon­stantin Salo­matin — Moscow

Kon­stantin Salo­matin is a doc­u­ment­ary pho­to­grapher and video­grapher based in Moscow. His per­sonal work focuses on con­tem­por­ary issues con­nec­ted with labour, migra­tion and social injustice in Rus­sia, Kaza­kh­stan, Kyrgyz­stan, Tajikistan. His pro­jects were presen­ted as install­a­tions, exhib­i­tions and screen­ings at fest­ivals world­wide.
Exhib­i­tions and awards (selec­ted): Leica Oscar Barnack award final­ist (2012), From elec­tions to elections,Triumph gal­lery, Moscow (2012), The End: Lumix Fest­ival for Young pho­to­journ­al­ism, Han­nover, Ger­many (2012), Stor­ies of life: Best of mul­ti­me­dia journ­al­ism exhib­i­tion, Moscow (2013), Come and See: best of Rus­sian Con­tem­por­ary pho­to­graphy, Dali, China (2013) NPPA best magazine sports story, 2nd place (2014). He reg­u­larly con­trib­utes to the media world­wide: Le Monde (France), NPR (US), NRC Han­dels­blad (Neth­er­lands), Ogo­niok magazine, Rus­sian Reporter magazine (Rus­sia), Esquire (Rus­sia), GEO, New­s­week, Pros­port (Rus­sia), Visual Weekly (China) and among others.


Nikon D3300
Canon 6D
Nikon 28/2,8
Nikon 35/2,0
Nikon 50/1.8
Nikon 80–200/2,8
Carl Zeiss Bio­metar 80/2.8
Sen­nhe­iser Shot­gun MKE 600 mic
Sen­nhe­iser MKE 400 mic
Zoom h4n
Video tri­pod
Video rig
3x LED Light panels

Mikhail Galustov — Istanbul

Mikhail Galustovis a DP and dir­ector with 16 years of exper­i­ence in film­mak­ing and media pro­duc­tion. He stud­ied in Moscow and LA, worked as a freel­ance pho­to­grapher for over 10 years before took up film­mak­ing as a cine­ma­to­grapher, dir­ector and pro­du­cer. Nowadays most of his work is character-driven doc­u­ment­ar­ies, he also pro­duce and shoot news, com­mer­cials, nar­rat­ive films and music videos.


Arri Amira
2 x Canon C300EFLenses:
Fujinon Cab­rio 19–90
Canon EF24-105
Canon EF70-200
Canon EF16-35
Canon EF50 1.2
Canon EF35 1.4
Canon EF24 1.4
Canon EF-TS 24
Sound Devices 552
Sen­nhe­iser 416
Sen­nhe­iser 8060
2 x Sen­nhe­iser G3
Rycote boom rig­Sachtler Cine 7+7
2 x Sachtler FSB8
Kessler Cine slider
Kessler motor­ized head­Sta­tion­ary and port­able edit­ing equip­ment with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Dav­inci Resolve

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