The Road to Tepeyac

Alinka Echeverria

Published on 08/08/11

© Alinka Echeverria

© Alinka Echeverria

The Road to Tepeyac is a pho­to­graphic typo­logy of the backs of three hun­dred Mex­ican Cath­olic pil­grims on their jour­ney to the Basilica de Guada­lupe in Mex­ico City. This yearly pil­grim­age, under­taken by approx­im­ately six mil­lion people every year takes place on the anniversary of the five appar­i­tions of the Vir­gin of Guada­lupe between the 9th and 12th Decem­ber 1531 to the indi­gen­ous man Juan Diego in Tepeyac, the sac­red place of the Aztec god­dess Tonantzin.

In 2011 the Vir­gen de Guada­lupe con­tin­ues to be the cen­ter piece of our cos­mo­logy as Mex­ic­ans. This work is an obser­va­tion of her role in con­tem­por­ary visual cul­ture and the vast lay­ers of sym­bol­ism trans­mit­ted through

















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