Atomic Cities

Maria Morina

Published on 16/04/15

© Maria Morina

I was always amused how fra­gile our world is. And for me one of the sym­bols of the hid­den threat was a nuc­lear power plant, maybe because I heard so much about Chernobyl when I was little. Nuc­lear power plants are some of the most com­plex sys­tems ever designed.

With this kind of com­plex­ity an unex­pec­ted, incom­pre­hens­ible dis­aster is a ‘nor­mal acci­dent’ — you can not expect that you can con­trol everything. Atomic cit­ies series is explor­ing social land­scapes of Ukrain­ian cit­ies that are involved in Nuc­lear Power pro­duc­tion chain. These cit­ies are part of elec­tri­city sup­ply chain of Europe, since sev­eral Ukrain­ian nuc­lear power plants are con­nec­ted to the power­lines run­ning from Ukraine to the European Union.

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