Moscow Zoo

Igor Starkov

Published on 20/01/12

© Igor Starkov

Anim­als have always been an import­ant part of Rus­sian cul­ture. In tra­di­tional myths and fairy tales human beings usu­ally turn to to anim­als for mira­cu­lous solu­tions. Be it  com­mon lazi­ness, ill­ness or mar­ital decision — jack­fish,  frogs, horses, foxes and bears are there to help.

Dur­ing the last few months Rus­sia has fig­ur­at­ively become a kind of zoo or jungle full of anim­als of all kinds. Prime min­is­ter Putin quotes Rud­y­ard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” speak­ing as a python Kaa from the first per­son. Oppos­i­tion leader Boris Nemt­sov calls the protest­ors “ham­sters” and “pen­guins” in his recently released private phone con­ver­sa­tions. Bandar-logs, crabs, bears.. you name it.

Igor Starkov por­trays con­tem­por­ary Rus­sia in the Moscow Zoo.

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