The Land Of Blood & Honey

Roberta Valerio

Published on 07/05/12

© Roberta Valerio

At last, cinema casts light on the raped women of Bos­nia dur­ing con­flict in ex-Yugoslavia, thanks to the first movie dir­ec­ted by Angelina Jolie « In the land of blood and honey”.

It is time to tell about these women: between 20000 and 30000 vic­tims have been raped dur­ing the con­flict, in the eyes of a help­less European com­munity.
It has been 20 years since the women, some­times raped at the age of 12 or 13, have been fight­ing for their rights.

What have they become? Do they get any com­pens­a­tion? Have the rap­ist been trialed? We met these women who are fight­ing not to be for­got­ten, and who gave us strong and mov­ing testi­mon­ies of their experiences.

We have inter­viewed Angelina Jolie and the major act­ors of the cast, who fight for justice and peace. All of the explain us how the situ­ation is now in Bos­nia. What are the hopes for vic­tims of war, in a peace­ful Bosnia.

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