Nikita Shokhov

Published on 27/08/14

© Nikita Shokhov

Bolo­goe is a town in Tver region, Rus­sia. It is a major rail­way hub loc­ated just half-way between Moscow and St. Peters­burg.  For many Rus­si­ans It has been a sym­bol of pro­vin­cial romance since it was sang of in the 80s hit song “Bolo­goe” where it is men­tioned as a place of a romantic encounter of two “some­where between Moscow and Len­in­grad (name of St.Petersburg 1924–1991)”. Town has other ref­er­ences in Rus­sian cul­ture includ­ing Leo Tol­stoy novel “Anna Karen­ina”: it is Bolo­goe rail­way sta­tion where Count Vron­sky first declares his love for Anna.

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