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Come and See! at Dali International photography festival

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Come and See! exhib­i­tion opens on August 5th at Dali inter­na­tional pho­to­graphy festival.

Cur­ated by Salt Images Anna Zekria it fea­tures works by Nikita Shok­hov, Valeri Nis­tratov, Tatiana Plot­nikova, Kon­stantin Salo­matin and Alex­an­der Gronsky.

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Stories of life: The Best of Multimedia Journalis at Red October, Moscow

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Co-curated by Liza Fak­tor and Anna Zekria the exhib­i­tion show­cases 10 pro­jects as video pro­jec­tions and sev­eral web documentaries.

The pro­jects cre­ated by pho­to­graph­ers, journ­al­ists, edit­ors and mul­ti­me­dia pro­du­cers tell unique stor­ies and at the same time address uni­ver­sal issues. From When the Floods Came by Gideon Mendel show­ing us some of the con­sequences of global warm­ing to Super­man by Zack­ary Canepari and Drea Cooper which explores the world of a man liv­ing the life of a super­hero movie char­ac­ter to The Home Front by Mar­cus Yam and the New York Times, a heart­break­ing fea­ture on a single par­ent who is forced to part from his two infant sons, the show focused on the won­der of the visual in the world of storytelling.




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New short feature: The End by Konstantin Salomatin

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Check out new short fea­ture by Kon­stantin Salo­matin. Edit­ing and pro­duc­tion by Max Ser­geev, Anna Zekria and Maria Zakhar­ova.

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