Misha Friedman
Police Kiev

2,000 new police officers or Patrol Police hit the streets of Kiev in July. Well equipped and dressed in brand new black uni­forms they are meant to show the world the Ukrain­ian government’s inten­tion to cre­ate new police force that can regain people’s trust.

Misha Friedman
Lyudmila and Natasha

For his new col­lec­tion of pho­to­graphs, Lyud­m­ila and Nata­sha, Fried­man trains his lens on a gay couple liv­ing in Saint Peters­burg, offer­ing a series of intim­ate snap­shots of their rela­tion­ship as it unfolds over the course of a year.

Misha Friedman
The New York Times

For the past sev­eral months, through a series of pho­to­graphic por­traits, the pho­to­grapher Misha Fried­man set out to explore the unique and often strange ways people in Rus­sia think and feel about the motherland.

Misha Friedman
Two Sides of Sochi

Sochi dur­ing the Olympic games

Misha Friedman
The World’s Highest Ranking Chess Champions

Chess cham­pi­ons Viswanathan Anand vs Mag­nus Carlsen

Misha Friedman
A dress rehearsal.

Back­stage in Bolshoi Theatre. Bolshoi dan­cers are pre­par­ing for a reg­u­lar per­form­ance of romantic Coppélia

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