Eyes of War

Martin Roemers

Published on 10/03/14

© Mar­tin Roemers

In 2015 it will be 70 years since the end of World War II in Europe. After the war was over, many thou­sands of people would never see again. Mar­tin Roe­mers pho­to­graphed and inter­viewed some of those who lost their sight as a res­ult of the con­flict. He pho­to­graphed people who would once have been enemies. Some were chil­dren at the time, seek­ing shel­ter. Oth­ers were com­batants. One of his sub­jects was a child dur­ing the war and was blinded by fly­ing glass as her mother rushed her to an air-raid shel­ter. ‘What depresses me are all these new wars, and that people still can­not stand each other,’ she told Roe­mers. ‘All that grief, that’s what makes me sad.’

Bombs, bombs, bombs, on Rosie’s head!’ My mother said that I was singing that one hour before the Dortmund air-raid sirens went off.’

Rose­marie Pin­nau (born Ger­many, 1938)


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